CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4

2004 Card Stories 2 booster pack release
CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4
ブースターパック Vol.4, Būsutāpakku Vol.4

CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4 box art
Publisher Konami
Released September 23, 2004
Price 315 yen
Cards 146
Predecessor Remake Booster

Card Stories 2 Booster Pack Vol.4 (ブースターパック Vol.4, Būsutāpakku Vol.4) was the fifth booster set for the second edition of the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG. Each pack retailed for 315 yen.

Each pack came with ten cards inside - nine normal cards and one Star Parallel, or Radiance Star Parallel card, or Sign Rare card.


CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4 is the name given to the fifth expansion of Genso Suikoden Card Stories II. It is based on Suikoden IV, featuring characters and situations from that game. This expansion introduced four new Camps relevant to Suikoden IV - the Kooluk Empire, Gaien Dukedom, Island Nations, and Pirates. It also introduced a new card text effect, the Sea effect.

It was released on September 23, 2004 and was the final expansion for the TCG. The set contained 146 cards. 131 cards were character cards (2 Masterminds, 31 Leaders, 27 Commoners, 39 Free, and 32 Craftman cards), with 10 mission cards, and 5 facilities cards rounding out the set.

All character card artwork was sourced from Kawano Junko's Suikoden IV character designs. Ōtsuki Beruno would again provide the mission card artwork, with facilities card artwork being sourced from Suikoden IV key art.

Card List

Set # Card # Name Rarity Type
001 CS2-645 Hero IV Common Mastermind
002 CS2-646 Troy Common Mastermind
003 CS2-647 Axel Common Leader
004 CS2-648 Izak Common Leader
005 CS2-649 El-Eal Governor Common Leader
006 CS2-650 Elenor Common Leader
007 CS2-651 Queen of Obel Common Leader
008 CS2-652 Katarina Common Leader
009 CS2-653 Kika Common Leader
010 CS2-654 Graham Cray Common Leader
011 CS2-655 Glen Common Leader
012 CS2-656 Colton Common Leader
013 CS2-657 Konrad Common Leader
014 CS2-658 Sigurd Common Leader
015 CS2-659 Jango Common Leader
016 CS2-660 Hero IV Common Leader
017 CS2-661 Hero IV Common Leader
018 CS2-662 Snowe Common Leader
019 CS2-663 Snowe Common Leader
020 CS2-664 Snowe Rare Leader
021 CS2-665 Snowe Rare Leader
022 CS2-666 Dario Common Leader
023 CS2-667 Troy Common Leader
024 CS2-668 Hervey Common Leader
025 CS2-669 Vingerhut Common Leader
026 CS2-670 Brandeau Common Leader
027 CS2-671 Flare Common Leader
028 CS2-672 Brec Common Leader
029 CS2-673 Helmut Common Leader
030 CS2-674 Reinbach Common Leader
031 CS2-675 Reinbach II Rare Leader
032 CS2-676 Ramada Common Leader
033 CS2-677 Lino En Kuldes Common Leader
034 CS2-678 Akaghi Rare Commoner
035 CS2-679 Agnes Common Commoner
036 CS2-680 Etienne Common Commoner
037 CS2-681 Keen Common Commoner
038 CS2-682 Kate Common Commoner
039 CS2-683 Keneth Common Commoner
040 CS2-684 Keneth Common Commoner
041 CS2-685 Jewel Common Commoner
042 CS2-686 Jewel Common Commoner
043 CS2-687 Setsu Common Commoner
044 CS2-688 Tal Common Commoner
045 CS2-689 Tal Common Commoner
046 CS2-690 Desmond Common Commoner
047 CS2-691 Tov Common Commoner
048 CS2-692 Nalleo Common Commoner
049 CS2-693 Nico Common Commoner
050 CS2-694 Pablo Common Commoner
051 CS2-695 Haruto Common Commoner
052 CS2-696 Funghi Common Commoner
053 CS2-697 Paula Common Commoner
054 CS2-698 Paula Common Commoner
055 CS2-699 Mizuki Common Commoner
056 CS2-700 Micky Common Commoner
057 CS2-701 Yu Common Commoner
058 CS2-702 Rakgi Common Commoner
059 CS2-703 Rakgi's father Rare Commoner
060 CS2-704 Rikie Common Commoner
061 CS2-705 Ameria Common Free
062 CS2-706 Aldo Common Free
063 CS2-707 Wendel Common Free
064 CS2-708 Warlock Common Free
065 CS2-709 Ema Common Free
066 CS2-710 Oskar Common Free
067 CS2-711 Ornan Common Free
068 CS2-712 Oleg Common Free
069 CS2-713 Karl Common Free
070 CS2-714 Cray's son Rare Free
071 CS2-715 Gretchen Common Free
072 CS2-716 Gary Common Free
073 CS2-717 Gau Common Free
074 CS2-718 Jeane Common Free
075 CS2-719 Jeremy Common Free
076 CS2-720 Charlemagne Common Free
077 CS2-721 Cedric Common Free
078 CS2-722 Selma Common Free
079 CS2-723 Chiepoo Common Free
080 CS2-724 Champo Common Free
081 CS2-725 Ted Common Free
082 CS2-726 Travis Common Free
083 CS2-727 Trishtan Common Free
084 CS2-728 Nalkul Common Free
085 CS2-729 Bartholomew Common Free
086 CS2-730 Viki Common Free
087 CS2-731 Frederica Common Free
088 CS2-732 Helga Common Free
089 CS2-733 Maxine Common Free
090 CS2-734 Mitsuba Rare Free
091 CS2-735 Millay Common Free
092 CS2-736 Eugene Common Free
093 CS2-737 Reinhold Common Free
094 CS2-738 Rachel Common Free
095 CS2-739 Lo Seng Common Free
096 CS2-740 Lo Hak Common Free
097 CS2-741 Lo Fong Common Free
098 CS2-742 Robed Man Rare Free
099 CS2-743 Adrienne Common Craftman
100 CS2-744 Igor Common Craftman
101 CS2-745 Ugetsu Common Craftman
102 CS2-746 Gareth Common Craftman
103 CS2-747 Carrie Common Craftman
104 CS2-748 Gunter Common Craftman
105 CS2-749 Kevin Common Craftman
106 CS2-750 Chadli Common Craftman
107 CS2-751 Shiramine Common Craftman
108 CS2-752 Tanya Common Craftman
109 CS2-753 Taisuke Common Craftman
110 CS2-754 Deborah Common Craftman
111 CS2-755 Nao Common Craftman
112 CS2-756 Nataly Common Craftman
113 CS2-757 Nabokov Common Craftman
114 CS2-758 Noah Common Craftman
115 CS2-759 Basil Common Craftman
116 CS2-760 Pam Common Craftman
117 CS2-761 Bang Common Craftman
118 CS2-762 Phil Common Craftman
119 CS2-763 Pecola Common Craftman
120 CS2-764 Perrault Common Craftman
121 CS2-765 Mao Common Craftman
122 CS2-766 Manu Common Craftman
123 CS2-767 Lilan Common Craftman
124 CS2-768 Lilin Common Craftman
125 CS2-769 Liloon Common Craftman
126 CS2-770 Lilen Common Craftman
127 CS2-771 Lilon Common Craftman
128 CS2-772 Rita Common Craftman
129 CS2-773 Louise Common Craftman
130 CS2-774 Rene Common Craftman
131 CS2-775 Marine Training Common Mission
132 CS2-776 Brandeau's Raid Common Mission
133 CS2-777 Pirate Ship Subjugation Rare Mission
134 CS2-778 Escape from Obel Common Mission
135 CS2-779 Mousetrap Common Mission
136 CS2-780 Ship in the Fog Common Mission
137 CS2-781 Recapturing Razril Common Mission
138 CS2-782 Recapturing Obel Common Mission
139 CS2-783 El-Eal Fortress Common Mission
140 CS2-784 Conclusion Common Mission
141 CS2-785 Hot Springs Resort Common Facilities
142 CS2-786 Pirate's Hideout Common Facilities
143 CS2-787 Nay-Kobold Settlement Common Facilities
144 CS2-788 Jail Common Facilities
145 CS2-789 Kooluk Advanced Base Common Facilities
146 CS2-790 Leknaat Rare Free


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