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The setting of the Suikoden series is vast. Ten unique games in the series take place in the same world with another two titles set in parallel worlds of the Infinity. These worlds all have their own countries, cultures, histories, peoples, etc.
Suikoden series timeline
This article is a timeline for events in the Suikoden series.

The timeline is an amalgamation of timelines given through Suikoden series publications over the years. They do not include any fan-calculated dates based on in-game statements from characters. There may be small inconsistencies in the timeline as it preserves any non-clarified errors made in their original sources.

This timeline uses the in-universe Solar calendar to divide years. As Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro, Suikoden Tierkreis and Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki take place in separate continuities, the events of those settings are naturally not covered in this timeline. (more...)

108 Stars
The 108 Stars, also called Starbearers and the Stars of Destiny are a recurring feature of the Suikoden series. They are the 107 allies of the player, tied together by destiny. Though bonded by fate, not all Stars are friendly or even on the same side as the player.

Nor are the 108 Stars always static. Depending on player choice, some Stars may replace others. A table of the 108 Stars in each game can be found at the 108 Stars page.

27 True Runes
The 27 True Runes (27真紋章, 27 Shin Monshō) are the most powerful runes, from which all other runes are born. Their nature and origin are unknown but there are myths pertaining to their creation. Not all of the 27 True Runes are known to us at this time.

The 27 True Runes are said to be the runes from which all things are born and have had a profound effect on world history, with large scale wars fought over their possession or by other indirect influences not uncommon. The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, in particular, has an opaque national policy of obtaining True Runes by any means, causing many conflicts and invasions over the centuries in the name of that goal. (More...)

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