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The Suikoden series have been developed and produced by a variety of staff members over the years. Over its long history different teams have worked on different games. This variety of team members has contributed to the series' unique and diverse style in both its 2D and 3D games.

Some of the notable staff members who have contributed to the Suikoden series include Murayama Yoshitaka, the creator of the series, who has worked on the first three games. Ishikawa Fumi, who worked as a character designer for Suikoden II and Suikoden III, is another notable staff member. Other notable staff members include the composers Higashino Miki and Miura Norikazu, who have created some of the series' most iconic and memorable music.

Murayama Yoshitaka
Murayama Yoshitaka (村山 吉隆) was a game designer, director, and producer. He was the creator of the Suikoden series of JRPGs, which he produced and directed for Konami until his departure in 2002. He was also the producer, writer, and director for the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Murayama, Kawano and ten other employees were assigned with developing Konami's first games for Sony's upcoming console, the PlayStation.

Committed from the start to make a franchise to rival series such as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, Murayama wrote the scenario of the first Suikoden. Unimpressed with their early 3D modeling tests, he opted to make a traditional 2D RPG using sprite graphics. (more...)

Kawano Junko
Kawano Junko (河野純子) is a writer, illustrator and video game producer formerly employed by Konami Corporation.

Kawano Junko is said to have first joined Konami in 1992. When fellow Konami newcomer Murayama Yoshitaka was picked to develop a game for Konami's planned video game console, she began collaborating with him.

An illustrator for Konami, Kawano performed illustrations for the first Suikoden as well as the illustrations for the series of Suikoden novels. She is stated to have been the lead designer for the original Suikoden in 1995.

Following Suikoden, Kawano worked on Twinbee RPG as part of the planning team as well as the lead designer. In conjunction, she would serve as a cover illustrator for several Twinbee CD releases. She also worked on Dolphin's Dream (Diver's Dream in Europe) with both games seeing a 1998 release. (more...)

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