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When playing the Suikoden series many skills are available to the player. Magical spells are provided through the use of runes and Unite Attacks allow multiple characters to team up to deliver unique techniques of their own.

In other worlds of the Infinity there are other sources of techniques, such as the Mark of the Stars in Suikoden Tierkreis and magicite and malicite stones in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki.

Fire Rune
The Fire Rune (火の紋章, Hi no Monshō) is a rune which appears in many games in the Suikoden series.

The Fire Rune is one of the runes of the five elements. Its higher order variant is the Rage Rune. This rune allows its bearer to use the power of fire to attack groups of enemies with magic. When attached to a weapon, it affixes the fire element to the weapon bearer's physical attacks and can also add additional fire-elemental damage. (more...)

Opposites Attrack
Opposites Attrack (デコボコ攻撃, Dekoboko Kōgeki) is a Unite Attack in Suikoden. This was called the Bumpy Attack in the 1996 English localization of Suikoden.

This attack is used by Humphrey Mintz and Krin. In this attack, Krin flings a needle at the enemy before Humphrey rushes forward, thumping Krin with his sword and sending the thief flying into the target.(more...)

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