Frontier Town Haruna

Kooluk frontier town

The Frontier Town Haruna (辺境の町ハルナ, Henkyō no Machi Haruna), usually referred to as just Haruna (ハルナ, Haruna), is a location in Suikoden Tactics. It is a town within the Kooluk Empire.


Haruna was a town located in northern Kooluk, spanning a large bridge. Shops and residential areas were all constructed on the sides of the bridge which crossed a large gorge.

According to legend, Haruna was once two villages on both sides of the bridge but as it became a hassle to cross the bridge every time to visit a person or business in the other village, the two villages would spread across the bridge, becoming the modern Haruna known today.

It was governed by Ornela just prior to the collapse of the Kooluk Empire. The sorcerer Simeon also lived in this town.


Frontier Town

Haruna's theme in Suikoden Tactics is the song "Frontier Town", which is track 8 on disc 2 of the Rhapsodia Original Soundtrack. The track name references Haruna's full title, Frontier Town Haruna.


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