Treasure hunter who uses divining rods in her work
ルネ, Rune
108 Stars Chikou Star²
[[File:[Rene (Suikoden Tactics).png|x340px]]
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 14 (S4)
16 (ST)
Birth Year SY 294
Height 155cm (5'1") (S4)
Voice Suga Harumi (S4)
Shutō Asayuka (ST)
Appears in

Rene (ルネ, Rune) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. Rene is a treasure hunter whose passion lied solely in the investigation part of the job.


If you find a map, please bring it to me. I'll analyze it... Oh, for free, of course!

—  Rene

Rene was a treasurer hunter who loved the thrill of scavenger hunts and searching for buried treasures. Although she loved to find treasure, however, she had no interest in keeping the spoils for herself. Able to quickly identify buried items and an expert at dowsing, she awaited someone to bring her new treasure maps. To that effect, she sent a message in a bottle, which washed up on Nay Island.

When the leader of the Headquarters Ship met Rene on Donut Island with such a map, she would help him uncover the treasure there before agreeing to join the crew of his ship. Over the course of the Island Liberation War, she would help him uncover treasures on many different islands throughout the Island Nations region.

On board ship, she would spend her time decoding maps, rebuffing Louise's attempts to have her enjoy herself in the saloon. She would, however, become friends with Rita and Noah, helping them create an amulet for their leader prior to the final battle at El-Eal Fortress.

After the war, mumbling about subterranean water channels, she left on a journey with her divining rods in her hands.



Keen You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Rene U-Um...I understand.
Keen Would you secretly inform me about anyone onboard this ship who you think is causing problems?
Rene Ms. Louise...She says to come have fun at the saloon more often...But I didn't get on this ship to have fun or anything...Still, I feel bad refusing her offer...I'm in a bit of a bind.
Keen Then, would you tell me what you think of the Hero?
Rene Mr. Lazlo? I would like to go treasure hunting more often with him!
Keen Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Rene Um...I don't really have anything to say right now.
Rene Whew...I'm glad...Well, thank you very much!
Rene Aaah!!!...You're terrible!


After obtaining the Headquarters Ship, find a bottle lying on the beach on Nay Island, then journey to the Donut Island, east of Obel. Speak to Rene there.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-774 Rene CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4



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